Saturday, March 28, 2009

Reconstructing Arizona

A few of the areas in Shattered Dreams were inspired by the Arizona desert, of which we gathered several photo references. Anduraga was not happy with the cliff textures that come with the game, so he requested that some new ones be done based on the Grand Canyon. I took a break from 3D modeling to try my hand at creating terrain textures. It wasn’t easy for me to find information on the image files that comprise them, so Dirtywick passed me information that he found at the Rogue Dao website. When I was done, I quickly assembled a test module to see how my cliff textures look in the game. I rather like the way the textures turned out. I created two cliff textures that can actually be used together fairly seamlessly even at 100% pressure.

The landscape shown here won’t appear in Shattered Dreams, by the way. This area is strictly for testing purposes. Besides, this place is decidedly less grand than the canyon that inspired it. Hopefully, our area designers can make better use of the textures that I made.

The two rock columns shown here were modeled by Nytir and textured by Palafoxx. Shattered Dreams is brimming with lots of custom models, and more are in the works. I’m hoping that the other members of the team will take screenshots of actual in-game areas with the new models in place.

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Jclef said...

Looking good, bud - yeah, different textures can make the feel of an area completely different from what nwn2 players are accustomed to.

I'm looking forward to more screenshots of this module as well! :D

Have a great weekend!