Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Boss of Bosses, Part 2

In my previous blog post, I presented a new design for the main boss of Shattered Dreams. When I started working on the high-poly model, I realized that what looks good in 2D does not necessarily look good in 3D. In particular, the crown of heads really didn’t work out so well, so it had to go. Also, the tentacles make more sense when put in front of the model rather than behind it. Anyhow, I hope this latest incarnation of the main boss will have the desired effect on players of our module. Time will tell.


nicethugbert said...

NEAT! But, what's that round object in his mouth?, looks good too, especially if updated with a more menacing looking triangle area as it were part of his mouth.

Is this module going to feature abominations as the main opponent? So far the viuals do imply that to me. Also reminds me of a band named Celtic Frost.

Frank Perez said...

The round object in its mouth is a sensing organ, sort of like a tongue but much more than that. It also has another (secret) function, one that will be apparent if I animate it properly.

Yes, the main opponents in the module are abominations of sorts, though not necessarily in the D&D sense of the word. I can't really say more than that without giving some of the plot away.

I looked up Celtic Frost because you mentioned it. They have nice graphic designs at their web page. The designs look like they might make great tattoos.

nicethugbert said...

IIRC, HR Geiger did a lot of their album cover art. His stuff looks like Aleins. I don;t know if he did any Aleins concept art or if someone took inspiration from him.

Frank Perez said...

IIRC, Geiger designed the alien in the first Alien movie (starring Sigourney Weaver). Geiger had set the look that was to guide the concept art in the subsequent movies, though he wasn't directly involved in them.