Thursday, May 14, 2009

Angel of the Deep, Part 3

Man, I would never have guessed that animating models would be so much fun. I find it even more engaging than sculpting with ZBrush. It took me only one day to learn the basics in 3DS Max. The hardest part in making an animation sequence is getting the motion to look natural. I imagine that this is especially so for creatures that walk on land, but since my model hovers above the ground, I didn’t have to worry about how a shift in weight from one bone to another affects the rest of the bones.

Below are screenshots from my test run with the model. They are poor substitutes for seeing the creature in action, but these will have to do for now. I don’t really have time to make a nice video. There are more models that I have to build. Busy, busy, busy.


E.C.Patterson said...


I'm glad to see to this thing *can* be killed. ;)

Frank Perez said...

Heh. I gave this creature weak stats so I could test it against my 1st-level player character. In the actual game, it will have much better stats, but yes, it can still be killed. Anyway, if you think this monster is bad, wait till you see the main boss.

Jason said...

That is really awesome Frank. It's amazing to see what you've accomplished being relatively new to it all.


Shaughn said...

Very nice.

Looks like a fun creature, hope it has some nasty abilities that go along with it.

Frank Perez said...

Glad you like it, guys.


Yeah, it would be pretty underwhelming if all this creature could do is claw at its enemies. We'll know during playtesting if this monster can elicit the desired levels of panic among players.

nicethugbert said...

NEAT! stuff. When's all this coming out for public consumption.

Frank Perez said...

Dang, I wish I knew. It's not coming out this May, that's for sure. :( Maybe July?