Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

Rejoice, players of NWN2, rejoice, for the Halloween 2008 campaign from BouncyRock Entertainment is now available at the Vault. This campaign is packed with delightful tales of horror from over twenty module makers. Decapitated heads, blood all over the floor, entrails from a corpse -- what's there not to like? My son says that this is the most fun he has ever had with a computer game. Isn't he the most precocious three-year-old?


E.C.Patterson said...

LOL! He's just outside our house! Hey, this was supposed to be PG-13! ;) Still, I'd be pretty pleased if we managed to give a 3-year old a fun chill or two. :)

Did he like his candy? :)

Liso said...


I had soo much fun in your Halloween module. That was creative, fun with great VO and awesome flow to the entire thing!

I almost went in twice! hehe

Thanks for joining this huge campaign!


E.C.Patterson said...

Just played your mod now, and it was great.


I loved what you did with the mask. You also brought the adventure game experience to NWN2 in a very convincing fashion. That was fun and novel. I'd really like for you or others to exploit that capacity a bit further in the future. To top it off, you also succeeded in startling me a couple of times. VO was well done too. Excellent job.

Jclef said...

Coolest picture on the internet! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
i really loved what i ve seen of the mod so far. Unfortunately i seem stuck in the elysian manor. i found the stairs to what looks liek the next level but i am stuck there.
I collected everything there was to get , except the soda.
I d really apreciate some help .
Regards Ashanlylana