Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Second Helping of Desert

When I first took screenshots of the desert area in "Faithless," Corrugath told me that the landscape looked too mundane. He suggested changing the color of the sky to make the area look like a truly strange place. (Those were not his precise words, but I don't want to quote him directly and risk giving the story away.)

It took me a while to change the desert landscape. I wanted to finish the mining camp first, after which, I got sidetracked with enhancements for "Battle of the Builds."

It was only yesterday that I finally had a chance to redo the desert area. This entailed changing the colors of the sky and repositioning the sun. Although I didn't touch any other part of the area, when I was done, I sat in awe of the results. The desert acquired a strange kind of beauty. I don't think I got the effect I was going for, but the screenshots I took were amazing nevertheless.


Liso said...

Amazing Frank. I am totally diggin' this desert. Thank you for sharing :)

Frank Perez said...

Thanks, Liso. :) I found out that proper lighting can go a long way to achieving that "wow" effect.