Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Made It from Scratch

In my first post, I showed screenshots of an area that I created by modifying an existing area from Mask of the Betrayer. Yesterday, I created an area from scratch. Here are screenshots of what I have so far.

The flying bats in the background are from Nihlar's A Cloud of Bats visual effect files. (Nihlar is also known as Amraphael at other forums.)

I'll be posting more screenshots as I add areas to the module.


Liso said...

Very cool screenies! They are quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing them game-birds eye view :)

Frank Perez said...

Thanks, Liso. I'm looking forward to releasing the game.

Amraphael said...

Cool that you found the bats useful.

Frank Perez said...

Hey, Amraphael, thanks for dropping by. Actually, I've been drooling over the lightning VFX that you made for Zork, but I guess I'll have to wait for you to release your module before I can add that VFX to mine. :P