Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Latest Work in the Vault

While I haven't been exactly idle in the modding front, my output has been meager thus far. Nevertheless, I do have something of mine that was uploaded to the Vault earlier this week. It's... (drum roll, please...) a new module.

Ha, ha, gotcha there. If truth be told, I didn't actually make the module. I just provided voice work for one of the characters. It's quite a character though -- the end-game boss, no less. You can hear my evil voice in July Anarchy Prologue by JM Scion. Unfortunately, my work is uncredited, so this blog will probably be the only place where I'm identified as the perp. If you still have Neverwinter Nights 1 installed in your computer and if you happen to enjoy science fantasy settings, why not give July Anarchy Prologue a go?


Lance Botelle (Bard of Althéa) said...

Hi Frank,

Congrats on being a voiceover. :) At least you have one person recogniose your skills now ... although I have not listened to it yet. ;)

If I get NWN1 up and running on a computer again, I may try to track it down and have a listen. I'm guessing it is more than the evil "Muwahahaha!".


Frank Perez said...

Hey Lance,

I did about 30 lines of voice recordings, so yeah, there's more than just the usual maniacal laugh. My evil voice is actually my bedroom voice because having to get up each morning makes me feel positively evil. :P

Jimmy said...

Pure win. :) But, guys, why did most of the nwn blogs die?

call New Zealand