Friday, December 5, 2008

Mystery Group Unmasked

Yesterday, I asked the project leader for the new module that I’m working on if it’s okay for me to reveal who the rest of our group members are. He said yes. All this time, I had kept everybody else’s names secret because I wasn’t sure if those can be made public knowledge. Since I’ve been given the green light, I shall now unmask the perps. (Drum roll, please.)

The new module (whose title shall not be revealed at this time) is being developed under the banner of bouncyRock Entertainment. Only two members of the group working on this module are members of bouncyRock, however. The rest of us were recruited specifically for this project.

To the best of my knowledge, I was the first person recruited by the bouncyRock guys. Over the past two months, more people were recruited to the group. Only yesterday, we welcomed a new team member, and there’s a chance that we’ll be recruiting at least one more. A few people were recruited but had to bow out later because of pressing commitments. There were also a couple of promising individuals who were interviewed for scripting positions, but because we realized that the scripting assignments were very light relative to the number of scripters we already have, it was with much regret that we did not bring them aboard.

Without further ado, here are the current developers of this new module. (I apologize if I missed out anybody and will immediately rectify the error in case that transpires.)

  • Dirtywick: Project Leader, Lead Writer (member of bouncyRock)

  • Anduraga: Area Design Manager, Writer (member of bouncyRock)

  • Elysius (aka Frank Perez): Scripting/Programming Manager, Writer, 3D Artist

  • Barry the Hatchet: 3D Artist

  • Chaos Wielder: Area Designer

  • Gallaen Frost (aka Jaesun999): Composer

  • Indira Lightfoot: Area Designer, Writer

  • Nytir: 3D Artist

  • Orion1966 (aka Man_From_Geldar): Scripter

  • Palafoxx: 3D Artist

  • Telanor: Scripter

Special thanks go to Jonny Ree and Liso66 for their guidance in this project.


Lariam said...

Sweet! It's a great team that you've got there - looking forward to hearing what you folks are up to.

E.C.Patterson said...

Large, impressive team there. Good luck with the project. Can't wait to see what you collectively cook up.

Jclef said...

This is like a NWN2 dream team - I'm totally stoked!!

Wyrin said...

that's an impressive crew!

Jason said...

Nice crew there. Best wishes for the project.

vendalus said...

Very impressive. Looking forward to hearing more.